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REALTOR: Do you need to evaluate options for buying or selling a home? Timing is everything!

  • Learn the real value of your current home
  • Prepare to buy your next dream home
  • Get a FREE Market Analysis of your current home


DECLUTTER & ORGANIZE: Are you struggling to get started or stay organized? Get a clear plan to take action towards.

FENG SHUI: Do you need a personal approach or a new perspective to get organized at home or at the office? You desire to live everyday with purpose and power.


DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS: Learn how to use these products and make-over your medicine cabinet for healthy options to wellness.

NORWEX: Clean without chemicals and save time, money and reduce the use of toxic cleaners that don’t work and harm the environment. Reduce your cleaning time by 90% and save money on household supplies.

NIKKEN: Discover new ways to create a healthy home with products that improve and clean your water and air, improve circulation, digestion and clarity. Clean up your environment at home.



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