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On October 21, 2016 by Rachel Loeslie

img_2924Hello! I’m Max the maltese/Viking Fan/mighty yet little man. I’m blogging this week for my mom. She’s probably out buying or selling a home, feng shui-ing someone’s house or office or attempting to sprinkle joy into someone space at a DoTerra Essential oils class or Norwex-ing the world at a party demo. She does this all because I need dog food and a place to look out the window while she’s away!


Anyway she asked me to share all the ways she loves and cares for me with pet friendly products. Here’s the scoop, I’m 11 years old and so far I’m feeling and looking pretty darn good for my age.  Here’s how she helps keep me and the house clean when I make messes. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes I get dirty, spill, loose my cookies or pee if she leaves me way too long.

Max’s Top 10 Pet Freindly Products & How My Mom Uses Them To Keep Me Healthy & Clean

  1. Body Cloth – to clean my paws, my face or my fur coat
  2. Enviro Cloth – clean up after a pee, poo or puke accident or a food spill
  3. Carpet Stain Buster – use with the enviro cloth clean to up carpet, rugs, furniture, pillows or bedding soiled
  4. Dog Towel – dry me quick after a bath, slip or hands in and rub me down
  5. Lint Mitt – keep that fur off your clothes so I don’t have to hear about it
  6. Odour Eliminator – if something smells bad spray this, it eliminates the stinks instead of covering up it up temporarily
  7. Air Freshner Bags – same, stick this where it smells, litter box, near a dog beg etc.
  8. Lavendar essential oil – helps me sleep tight, mellow out, lessen the itches I have during allergy season
  9. Melaluca essential oil – helps my immune system, also helps lessen my the itches
  10. Peppermint – loosen tics easily, helps my tummy, don’t over use this though cuz it really gets things moving

m-furWant to learn more or order something for your Pet?  Seriously, call my mom. She likes to talk about this stuff cuz it works and it isn’t harmful to me. I guess she super likes me!

Her phone number is all over this website, plus links to Norwex or DoTerra, AND she cares about you and the health of  your pets too!

Peace to you and your pets…

Love, Max






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