Seasonal Closet Cleanse

On October 6, 2016 by Rachel Loeslie

closet pinkThere’s a reason why Minnesota is home to the first indoor mall – we have multiple seasons that require a wardrobe twice as large as warmer climates! Since not all closets are created equal and yours may not be big enough to display your summer and winter wardrobe, many people opt for storing their seasonal threads until the appropriate temps roll around to wear them. We are well into spring, so in this blog read about organizing your wardrobe and making the seasonal clothing swap easier all year long.

The sun shine but the temps will lower soon enough and it will time to dress and layer to stay warm. When digging out your fall and winter wardrobe, it can be like a shopping experience in your own home. However, there will inevitably be some items you just don’t want to look at anymore. They are usually clothing items that aren’t in bad shape, so don’t just throw them away! Here are some ideas on what to do with warm weather clothes that don’t fit, don’t make you feel your best, or are just not your style anymore:

  • Donate them – If you can’t think of anyone in your immediate circle to give the clothes to, you can always make a trip to your local ARC,  Goodwill or Salvation Army. There is always someone out there who will love what you have. Some places pick up at your door like, VVA, Lupus Foundation etc.
  • Host a clothing swap – Gather your girlfriends and have them bring their unused clothing items. What you don’t wear anymore might look amazing on someone else! Just don’t forget the wine!
  • Sell them – If your clothes are still in style, there are many consignment stores in the Twin Cities metro area that will gladly sell your clothes for you. That way they’re out of your closet, and you still get some money for them! My favorites are Turnstyle, Once Upon a Child, Clothes Mentor, Hope Chest.

Is your closet crammed full of clothing items you just don’t wear? Statistically we only wear about 20% of all the clothes we have on a regular basis. It can be difficult to go through your wardrobe and realistically purge items. It’s all to easy to think to yourself, “I might wear that.” If you need unbiased help to clear out your wardrobe, contact me today for your free 27-Minute Discovery Session! I can come to your home, help you see your existing clothes in a whole new light, and help you organize your closet in a way you may never have thought of before. Imagine feeling like you went on a shopping spree, but you didn’t have to buy any new clothes! The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which new seasonable fashions to wear!  To read more about how I can work with you click here!

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